Strategic evaluation for concepts selection, refining them under the competitive logic, and transforming them into marketable sources of value creation.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


A learning-by-doing iterative process

Non-actionable concepts are worth nothing.  That’s why our process progressively validates ideas. Our learning-by-doing approach prototypes and rapidly tests solutions along the way, to allow secure decision, gain a clear understanding of the next steps, and steadily craft marketable concepts.

Our hands-on approach uses prototyping, as a tool to get the actual feel of the idea, to learn how things work, to anticipate failure, reduce risk of time-consuming or costly activities.

We devise strategies to test ideas with consumers and provide feedback. Our iterative process uses feedback to measure acceptance, to further identify requirements in early stages, and to systematically improve concepts and bring them far closer to what users need.

A strategically-led design thinking process

Strategy directs creativity as it evaluates its value. It contextualises ideas at the light of both competitive and value creation logic, and helps to unveil new types of business related challenges that go far beyond users’ needs. This is the point where creative thinking and strategy meet, creating mutually beneficial synergies that lead to better results.

We systematically analyse concepts’ potential, in terms of its attractiveness to consumers; superiority when compared to other competing offerings; its degree of complexity in the light of internal capabilities; and its financial sustainability over time. We articulate arguments that allow for better informed decisions that maximise value creation.