A deep dive into the company, consumers, competitors and trends to get insightful understanding of complex problems and challenges.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


A human-centered empathic process

A process that considers people’s perspective and empathises with them. Getting on others’ shoes to, more than knowing, feeling what they feel, is a tool for getting deeper understanding and insight.


An empathic approach to research, through direct field observation and interaction with users. Its goal is to gain familiarity with them, and render real life contexts accessible.

Ethnography allows for a deep user understanding — of needs, fears, desires, lifestyle and behaviour. It holds a mirror up to the human condition, and minimises the distance between contexts of use and design. It provokes designers to question existing normalcy and presents clues to paradigm shift opportunities, pointing ahead on how things could be. It allows the identification of actionable insights that sustain future business.