Creative extrapolation to imagine possible futures, unveil hidden opportunities and create the non-yet-existent.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


A speculative co-creative process

Design as a way to transform, impact and define better ways of living — and not as an obsession with styling and the cult of cool — demands for non-conformity, and for strategies to achieve higher levels of creativity.

Creativity — speculative in nature, as it’s formed on the basis of incomplete — is a key mindset for exploring multiple possibilities and new perspectives, and to critically select preferable ones.

Our provocative process brings together different profiles, sets participants free from the blinders of convention, stimulates creativity and extrapolates from existing  information, to disrupt the status-quo and generate better actionable ideas.


There’s no such thing as a one man’s show. That’s why our process uses collaboration as a strategy to enhance idea generation, by enriching it with a vast range of profiles, which includes industry experts, consumers, and radical artistic profiles.

Enriched context for enhanced creativity

This melting pot of antagonistic participants — who bring complementary backgrounds, expertise and experiences to the table — fosters the navigation between opposite worlds of logic and intuition; empathy and big data; creativity and astute strategic thinking. It allows for idea generation under different angles and perspectives.

Negotiating futures

Higher levels of antagonism give birth to unsettling possibilities and discomfort which, in turn, provoke confrontation.  It opens an ethical dialogue between status-quo and new approaches; between utopian and dystopian views; between probable, preferable and unwanted solutions. It allows different people to participate and build the lives they want.

Creative Extrapolation

We facilitate a high-intensity creative space and time, that uses a set of imagination tools and techniques to unblock creativity, extrapolate in different directions, explore possibilities, and generate as many ideas as possible in limited-time sessions.

We set-up a playful environment where courageous exploration takes place, where everyone is dared to resist habitual thinking and trade comfort for potential. We set the space and time to ask “What if?”, and venture beyond the probable.

The process aims to overcome differentiation and relevance challenges — in terms of usability and desirability ; and to create better actionable ideas for future business, that lead to new sources of advantage.


Foresight is the process of extrapolating from existing emergent scientific or technologic advancements, to explore possible futures of living, and the future context in which design will operate.

A new strategy to escape our inseparable relationship with the now.

Attempts to create the future based upon observations of now, are limited. Foresight imagines future contexts, which act as simulacra: we enter and inhabit the future to cut established narratives and temporarily suspend beliefs that derive from being temporally confined to the present.

Design futurism for unexpected opportunities

Foresight also imagines, hypothesises and displays future products, for people whose lifestyle, behaviour, needs, fears and desires will necessarily be different than ours. These new personas, along with the products that would meet their functional and emotional needs, unveil new angles and opportunities that would, otherwise, be hard to grasp. These principles can be brought back and adapted to the current normalcy field, in order to create a new normal and design disruptive business concepts.

Foresight is design futurism in action. It magnifies innovative capacities and allows for even better creative outcomes.