Business Concept Design

We anticipate futures and unveil new business opportunities, to develop winner business concepts and new forms of value.

For start-ups in a seeding stage or companies expanding their business.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


Business Possibilities
Value Proposition
Investment book

We create actionable insights

Futurista is thrilled about the future and the non-yet-existing. Whether you have a new capability; want to expand existing value; or have a business idea; we can help you to you to fast-track concept development, anticipate future business and bring it to market.

Together, we will deep dive into on your business capabilities to gain insight on your core competencies and advantage from competition. We will gain insight and true understanding on consumers’ unmet needs and research industry and market competitive dynamics to understand critical success factors, as well as positioning.

We anticipate futures and unveil opportunities.

We immerse on a journey towards the future, using imagination tools and techniques to unveil hidden future business possibilities, bring new ideas to life and create new actionable business concepts.

We craft winning concepts

Our learning-by-doing approach prototypes and rapidly tests ideas and concepts along the way, anticipates mistakes and engages consumers in meaningful conversations about change.

We use strategic thinking to validate options and we steadily craft a winning value proposition.

You will experience a business design process, that combines design thinking and corporate strategy, in a quest for a source of advantage that stands out by its uniqueness and meaning.