Innovation Strategy

We organise, improve and increase your innovation flow, and empower it to become the driving force of business advantage.

For companies who want to prepare for new cycles of expansion and disruption.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


Innovation Plan
Engagement Programme
Pipeline Management

We organise you for goal-focused innovation.

Futurista can help you structure all business innovation activities. We will select the most attractive markets and prioritise them according to your corporate vision, aligning your company around goal-focused innovation while searching for new sources of value.

We empower your culture to unblock creativity and collaborate.

We will also create an innovation programme that engages people to actively participate in identifying and solving new challenges. We will create a co-creative culture that increases the chances for success.

You will learn a new approach to innovation, unblock your organisation’s creativity and build the internal systems required to sustain innovation.

We increase and improve your innovation flow.

As an organisational practice, innovation is the driving force of business advantage. When well structured and strategically thought, It allows for an on-going flow of new business possibilities and breakthroughs that sustains your business over time.