Evaluation Workshops

We organise strategic live sessions focused on problem-setting, strategic intention and strategic challenges. We structure comprehensive frameworks that maps key problem’s variables, intention’s arguments, challenges or opportunities, and provide a clear direction for next steps.

For all companies wanting an expert guidance to decode a problem, validate strategic intentions and understand implications of challenges.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design

We evaluate business challenges.

Do you you have a strategic problem regarding your business concept or experience? Do you recognise a symptom but don’t know to interpret it? Do you want to know if there’s something in your value proposition or experience that you can improve? Do you want to expand your business and want to evaluate your strategic intention and validate identified opportunities?

We deliver a comprehensive understanding of the problem and explore different scenarios.

Whatever problem or challenge, Futurista can help you decode and frame their key variables. We will tailor a strategic live session to your specific context.

We will help you decode of your problem, challenge or intention in its multiple dimensions and give you an overview of its critical variables.

We will guide you through a well informed decision making process.

We will provide a framework and timespan for further investigation and an action plan to solve problems, face challenges or improve your business.