Strategic Evaluation

We decipher complex challenges, validate scenarios, and deliver a comprehensive understanding of problems. We guide you through your decision-process, to give you the upper-hand in the advantage game.

For mature companies who face complex challenges in highly competitive markets.

For start-ups or companies expanding their business and want to validate their options.

FUTURISTA ® Future Business Design


Concept Validation
Value Proposition Audit
Experience Audit
Perception Audit

We evaluate business challenges

If you need to make a decision and feel you have reached a deadlock, or if you need to fully understand a strategic problem; Futurista can help you evaluate your options and business challenge.

Is your value proposition relevant, unique and expandable?
Do you deliver what you promise in a coherent, usable and desirable way?
Do your stakeholders perceive your business the way you intend and are they aligned with your corporate vision?
Is your brand architecture able to articulate your product portfolio and maximise value?

We deliver a comprehensive understanding of the problem and explore different scenarios.

Whatever the problem or challenge, its a reset moment to take a step back, reframe and rethink. We will help you make sense of complex business contexts, deliver a comprehensive understanding of the problem in its multiple dimensions, and explore different scenarios.

We will guide you through a well informed decision making process.

We will guide you through a well informed decision-making process to reach an effective solution to any strategic challenge. It will allow for a closer connection with your customers’ needs, give you the upper hand in the advantage game, and find renewed sources of advantage.